Sweet Silhouette

Hand-Cut Paper Portraits by Varin Acevedo


If possible, have the subject stand against a blank wall. It is easier to have good posture when standing. Stand back far enough to include all of the hair and shoulders. Hold the camera at ear level and take your picture. Facing right is better.

  • Closed or relaxed mouth- No smiling please!
  • Hair ornaments, hats and interesting hair styles are fun and interesting.
  • Wear your glasses if you feel they are part of your identity
  • Don't worry about makeup and neat hair. Silhouettes are flattering.
  • If you can't get a good picture of your toddler, just take it when they are watching TV.
  • For pets- have someone hold a treat while you take a picture from the side.
  • If you want an "overlapped" double- take separate pictures. I will put them together.

It is okay to take several pictures if you are not sure. When you have the picture email it to papercutsbyvarin@gmail.com and order what you want from the web store. I will send a proof before mailing for you to approve.


The best way to get a dog to pose is to have someone else hold a treat. Here is a perfect pet picture taken at ear level.

Perfect photos! Taken from the side, at ear level, no smiling- relaxed mouth, showing whole head and shoulders.


Cannot see profile.

Distorted expression- and not a profile. 

Hidden by sunglasses and shadows.


Distorted expression- Not a Profile.

Not a profile.



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